Podcast: Investing in Regenerative Agriculture with Fresh Co-founder Bart

April 8, 2024

Koen van Seijen has been active in the regenerative food & agriculture space for quite some years, working as a senior manager at Toniic, as an investor and as the host of one of the leading podcasts on regenerative food and agriculture. In his podcast Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food he talks to the pioneers in the regenerative food and agriculture space to learn more on how to put our money to work to regenerate soil, people, local communities and ecosystems while making an appropriate and fair return. It is truly one of our favourite podcasts and if you haven't listened to it we could highly recommend it! Koen has been involved as an advisor to Fresh and will continue to stay involved supporting our mission. You can find all of his podcast right here.

Building the world's first regenerative startup studio

Koen invited our co-founder Bart van der Zande to talk about the startup studio model, venture building for a regenerative food system and the vision of the Fresh Ventures Studio. You can find the podcast on all your favourite podcast platforms or have listen below.